About us

LUBRIKON is a brand of lubricants, greases, fluids and additives of the highest quality and one of the main suppliers to the industries: agriculture, transportation, mining, energy, construction, plastic, steel, among others.

Since its inception, it has offered products with the most advanced technology that allow customers to reduce their total cost of operations and improve the reliability, profitability and useful life of the equipment. At VENEKON we are sure that we have the right product for your company.


To be a reliable source for consumers who need to maintain their operations, with top quality products developed with state-of-the-art technology; running reliably, continuously, efficiently and sustainably.

Made by experts with the highest quality standards at affordable prices, in its own brand “Lubrikon”. Thus fostering sustained growth in demand and positioning in the Venezuelan market, in addition to generating new jobs and contributing to the generation of new ventures”.


Maintain the levels of excellence and quality throughout the business trajectory, responding to consumers, helping them to increase the productivity, reliability and sustainability of their business with all the oils and products distributed by the brand, thus contributing to reduce your costs.

As well as achieving greater diversification in the sale of other products such as reference parts in the automotive industry, offering high quality products to meet customer requirements, thus generating their satisfaction. Obtain a significant scope in terms of the contribution of economic growth and improvements in the social sphere of the country.”