About us

LUBRIKON is a brand of lubricants, greases, fluids and additives of the highest quality and one of the main suppliers to the industries: agriculture, transportation, mining, energy, construction, plastic, steel, among others.

Since the beginning, it has offered advanced technology products that allow customers to reduce their total cost of operation and improve the reliability, profitability and useful life of equipment. At LUBRIKON we are sure that we have the right product and service for your company.


Offer petroleum-based products through lubricating oils and greases to our customers for the maintenance of their engines and machinery; made by highly qualified personnel under the strictest quality standards with cutting-edge technology; operating in a reliable, continuous, efficient, conscientious and sustainable manner, keeping a high quality-price ratio, thus achieving sustained growth in demand and positioning in the Venezuelan and international market, generating new jobs and contributing to an era of protection environmental


Achieve rapid growth and position in the market as a leading brand in the manufacture of lubricants (oils and greases) as well as achieve greater diversification in the sale of other products related to the automotive industry, offering products that keep the relationship quality, prices and delivery time; Maintaining the levels of excellence and quality throughout our business history, giving consumers a timely response and helping them increase the productivity, reliability and sustainability of their business with all our product lines distributed by the brand, thus contributing to reduce costs and carbon footprint