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This product is a monograde oil with high deposit control, sludge and adhesive wear, recommended for gasoline or diesel two- or four times, where manufacturers require compliance with the requirements API for levels of CF service / CF2 and with a SAE 50 grade viscosity.

Maxi SEA 50 CF is developed under new concepts that guarantee a long life of the lubricant and formulated with highly refined basic oils of excellent quality, together with an exclusive add-on of advanced technology that protect the engines against deposits, contamination and thermal failures.

Due to its high level of detergency and high TBN value, MAXI SAE 50 CF helps counteract the harmful effects of the acids generated during engine combustion by protecting its vital parts. (The harmful effects are corrosion and wear)

MAXI SAE 50 CF can be used in buses, construction equipment, mining, marine, agricultural equipment, stationary engines, some hydraulic systems and transmissions where they meet the specifications ALLISON C-3 / C-4, CATERPILLAR TO-2 and with a SAE 50 viscosity grade.


Benefits to the customer

  • High level of detergency protects against the formation of mud and varnish deposits, extending the life of the engine.
  • Adequate protection against corrosive wear (due to fuel sulfur), and friction.
  • The exclusive additive gives anti-rust, anti-oxidant and anti-foam properties, which provides protection to the critical components of the turbo unit.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation that prolongs oil change periods.

*The values shown in the table of typical characteristics are approximate or referential, as an indication and do not constitute a guarantee. These values can be modified without prior notice. The results of the production lots may differ slightly. This does not affect the performance of the product.



It is recommended to store the drums in covered areas; when stored outdoors should be laid horizontally to avoid possible leakage and deterioration. The store should not exceed 140 °F temperature, the products should not be exposed to the direct incidence of the sun or places of low temperatures.