SAE 10W-30 SN Synthetic Blend


LUBRIKON Synthetic Blend-API SN PLUS are semi-synthetic oils formulated with high quality group II lubricant bases and selected additives; specially formulated for gasoline engines that provide excellent lubrication taking care of engine life. They are designed to meet the maximum requirements of the manufacturers of gasoline, LPG and NGV engines; API SN level far exceeds previous service levels (SM, SL, SF …).

The advanced chemistry of LUBRIKON Synthetic Blend-API SN PLUS offers high performance, both in modern and demanding low-emission engines, and in older engines that run on fuel with low or high sulfur content. LUBRIKON Synthetic Blend-API SN PLUS composed of high performance bases with an additive system to provide superior control in lubricant viscosity, as well as resistance to oxidation, corrosion and deposits at high temperatures.


Benefits to the Customer

  • High resistance to degradation, which allows it to retain its properties for longer.
  • Thermal stability and viscosity control, protects the engine in high temperature operations.
  • The formation of deposits / sludge is minimal, compared to mineral oils.
  • Greater protection against wear of engine parts.
  • Cold start protection, as it allows faster lubrication during ignition, its flow time to critical areas of the engine is approximately 4 seconds; in addition to providing a film more resistant to the engine’s operating temperature, compared to multigrade mineral oils.
  • Excellent low temperature properties.
  • Meets the demanding specifications of the main manufacturers.
  • Satisfies the new requirements of low volatility and thermal stability which ensures low oil consumption between the change intervals, optimizing fuel consumption.

*The values shown in the table of typical characteristics are approximate or referential, as an indication and do not constitute a guarantee. These values can be modified without prior notice. The results of the production lots may differ slightly. This does not affect the performance of the product.



The store should not exceed 140 °F temperature, the products should not be exposed to the direct incidence of the sun or places of low temperatures.