Privacy Policy

1. We collect Personal information 


In order to register on our platform and identify yourself, we will request your email. To create your profile you may include personal information such as your country or city of residence, first and last names, and some other additional information you might want to share in your profile. However, if you do not want this information to be published, you may leave the profile information fields blank or delete the information already provided. 


When you visit us, we register data such as frequency of use, date and time services were accessed, when you see or click a specific content, your content preferences. We use information when you log in, when you read our emails, and Internet protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify you and register your use in the platform.


We do not make decisions based on profiles, beyond personalization of advertisement and for the purpose of the legitimate prevention of Internet fraud. 


We obtain information through other platforms, for example, when you register via Facebook or similar technologies. This might include personal texts or images available in an external website.


2. Purpose


Lubrikon as the Party Responsible of Data Handling, will handle your personal data for the following purposes: Manage your registration as platform user, to identify you and give you access to services available for registered platform users. Contacting you through email regarding updates or information related to features, products or services and updates, as long as they are needed or reasonable. Respond to any request or inquiry you make through the customer service channels available at our platform. We also use your information to generate aggregated non-identifying data. For instance, generate statistics regarding our users, number of impressions or clicks in a specific project or visitor demographics.


3. Use of your credit card


You may have to provide a credit card to buy products and services from our website. We use third-party billing services and have no control over these services. We use our commercially reasonable efforts to make sure your credit card number is kept strictly confidential by using only third-party billing services that use industry-standard encryption technology to protect your credit card number from unauthorized use. However, you understand and agree that we are in no way responsible for any misuse of your credit card number.


If you are paying with PayPal, we will request the email associated to it. If you request an invoice, we will request your invoicing data, if needed.


We don’t save your details, but you will be able to modify or delete your credit cards or PayPal account at any time through the payment method in the purchase form or through the payment method setting in your profile.For security reasons, the use of this feature might require changing of your password. Remember, the safety of the platform also depends on the correct use and storage of confidential passwords.


4. Options


The provision of Lubrikon might entail the use of your personal data, with your express consent, to make available to you personalized advertisement related to our products and services, through emails or other electronic communication means from us or third party collaborators. With the goal of improving our services, please know that personal information regarding your purchases, interests and preferences might be used by Lubrikon for the purpose of analysis, user profiling, marketing studies, quality surveys, and improving interaction with our clients.


If you do not want to receive certain type of email communications, or need to do some changes on your user profile to manage your preferences, please let ur know about it by email.


Likewise, you will be able to cancel your notifications by following the instructions in each communication you receive.


5. Data retention period


We will retain your personal data for as long as we have a valid contractual relationship, and after that, for the period determined by any obligations arising from the treatment of the data or as established by law.


6. Who obtains your data


To comply with the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it might be necessary to report or release your personal data to third parties for the following reasons:


  • Business Transfers: regarding any reorganization, restructuring, merge or sale, or any other transfer of assets, including personal, provided that the receiving party accepts to handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 
  • Service Providers: to render services in our name or to help us provide our services. For example, we contract service providers to render marketing, advertising, communication, infrastructure and IT services, to customize and improve our service, to process credit card transactions or other methods of payment, provide customer service, collect debts, analyze and improve data (such as data regarding user interaction with our services), and process and manage satisfaction surveys. For efficiency purposes, these partners and providers may be based in the US or other countries or territories outside of the European Economic Area, and might not provide a data protection level comparable to that of your country, or the European Union’s.


When you accept this Privacy Policy, you are specifically authorizing us to handle and report your personal data to the partners mentioned and/or release your personal data to the service providers responsible for data handling, who are outside of the European Economic Area for the purposes described herein and to provide you complete service. When we release personal information when exchanging data with countries outside the European Economic Area and other areas with data protection laws, we will ensure the information is being transferred in compliance with this Privacy Policy and pursuant to current data protection laws.


7. Data Protection Rights


As the Party Responsible for Data Handling, we are committed to respecting the confidential nature of your personal data and guaranteeing the full exercise of these rights. At all times, you will have the following rights:


  • Right to access. You have the right to confirm whether we are handling your personal data and, if we are, you have the right to obtain a copy of such data and information regarding the handling.
  • Right to amend. You have the right to correct errors, modify incomplete or wrong data and guarantee the authenticity of the information that is being handled.
  • Right to delete. You have the right to request the deletion of your data without undue delay, if it were being handled wrongfully or if the end to which it was handled or collected has ceased to exist.
  • Right to limitation of handling. You have the right to request that the suspension of the handling of your information if it is illegal or the accuracy of the data has been contested.
  • Right to oppose. You have the right to oppose to the handling of your data when it has been used for purposes of direct marketing or when the handling must be terminated due to a personal situation, except when there is legitimate interest or it is necessary for the exercise or defense of claims.
  • Right not to be subjected to personalized decisions. You have the right of not being subjected to a decision based solely on the automatic handling of your data, including profiling, with binding legal effects or which affects you, except when necessary for the execution of an agreement, as permitted by the law or if you have expressly authorized it.


In order to exercise these rights, please send an email to: indicating your (i) identity, by sharing your full name and email address used to register or make a purchase, an ID to establish your identity, and (ii) the right or rights you’re exercising.


You may also visit the agency overseeing the protection of data in your country to file a claim or request the protection of your rights, if deemed necessary.

The exercise of such rights is free, except when requests are deliberately unfounded or excessive, in which case the individual will be required to bear the processing costs.


8. Information about cookies


We use cookies, small files with information regarding your navigation in this platform, mainly to enable a better user experience. Please, read our Cookies Policy to know more about the cookies we use, their purpose, and other useful information.


9. Changes


We will update this Privacy Policy occasionally and as required by legal, regulatory or operational modifications. We will notify such changes (including the effective date) as required by law.