Propylene Glycol, USP, is a slightly yellowish, viscous, practically odorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste, completely soluble in water, low molecular weight alcohols, esters, and ketones, and immiscible or miscible in limited proportions with ethers, high molecular weight alcohols, hydrocarbons. and chlorinated hydrocarbons. This product is not suitable for use in pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic applications. Its use is recommended for the production of coolants and brake fluid.


• Functional fluids: in hydraulic fluids and brake fluids as a solvent for additives.

• Antifreeze and coolants: The addition of MPG to water significantly lowers the freezing point. It is the main base of antifreeze liquids used both in the automotive and air industries.

• Polyester Resins: by reaction with functional acids and styrene, resins reinforced with fiberglass are formed for the construction of boats.

• De-icing fluids: can be formulated with other glycols, applied to aircraft wings or car windshields to remove or prevent ice formation.

• Plasticizer: used in formulations for dry adhesives since it is capable of maintaining a constant moisture content, helping the adhesive to dry when it is used.